Do we need a reason?

It's Christmas time - again.

How many Christmases have you survived through? For me it's been (nearly) 52. Yes. That is how old I am. Christmas isn't a highlight of my year. It's really quite busy, with plenty of outside expectations. Have you ever tried being a minister at a celebratory meal? Guess who gets to say the grace?

Actually, I shouldn't be so hard on myself or others. The holidays at this time of year (for those who get them) are a welcome relief to the busy-ness of life, and the stresses of this life. In our creation story, God rested on the seventh day. He called it a Sabbath day - a day of rest. God also said that the Sabbath was created for humanity, not humanity for the Sabbath.

What this means, is that God deliberately built in a mechanism for humans to rest. One day out of every seven is meant to be a rest day.

How are you doing at resting? Why is it so hard to rest? What obstacles are in the way of us resting?

Often at Christmas time I hear the phrase - Jesus is the reason for the season. I think Jesus being the reason is slowly disappearing. I'm not hear to debate the right or wrong of this. However, I do want to suggest that maybe, just maybe, another reason for the 'season' needs to be 'REST'.

If you are able to, please find a way to rest this Christmas season. The Sabbath day was made for us because we need it.

I pray God's many blessings of peace upon you at this time.