Church: Building or People?

What is church?

Most people when they hear the word 'church' think of the building on the street where people meet together to do religious stuff. This couldn't be more from the truth.

Church, in a Christian sense, is a group of people meeting in the name of Jesus, the Christ. Some churches (groups of Jesus' disciples) meet in buildings set apart specifically for the purpose of meeting. The buildings they meet in a also called Churches. This can be quite confusing.

The place of meeting doesn't need to be a 'church' building. Disciples of Jesus (Christians) can meet at a café, in a home, at a park - pretty much anywhere. It is when they come together that 'church' appears.

This is a very important point to understand: it is when disciples of Jesus gather together, in whatever setting, they are the 'church' of God.

The next blog will discuss why this is important to understand.

Thanks for reading