Church: Institute or People?

I read another blog recently. It can be found here:

I am a firm believer that the institute that is church - its politics, its rules and regulations, its traditions - are always open to the redemptive nature of God's love. What do I mean by this?

Throughout history the world and it's peoples change. Societies change. Cultures change. One thing that seems to remain unchanged is the Church. Why is this? People like comfort. People need a place where they can rest from the change so demanding of this world. Over time though, the Church gets labelled with being irrelevant because of its lack of change. In some part the rules and regulations, the traditions and politics are to blame. "This is the way we do it here," is the catch-cry of many parishioners.

But is doesn't have to be. Why do we need rules and regulations, traditions and politics to 'govern' how people relate to one another? We shouldn't. We are meant to be a people of God's Spirit; led, moved and motivated by the very motivating Spirit of God. Where have gone wrong?

We can't be trusted to act in love 100% of the time.

The fact that church as institution exists is because history clearly shows that humans, even Christian humans, find it difficult to look out for the interests of others and not only their own. And so we put in place rules and regulations, policies of discipline, politics, to help ensure that our so-called Christian communities somehow reflect the God who saves the world. But law can never save. Law can only show where we go wrong - highlight why we need salvation in the first place.

Church is first and foremost about people. People in relationship with a loving and saving God, and in relationship with one another, expressing the same kind of love and salvation message shown by God. We don't need rules and regulations to do this - we need the very Spirit of God. It is God's Spirit that enables to us to forgive. It is God's Spirit that enables us to love. It is God's Spirit that enables us to show grace and mercy, while at the same time speaking truth and light.

If I can be so bold... if the Church appears irrelevant then perhaps it is because the Spirit of God is missing OR (and it's a big OR), people haven't spent long enough with the people of God to experience God's Spirit at work.

What do you think?